Spring Fire Burns Forbes Park in Costilla County Colorado

As fires burn in the hearts and minds of Americans today, the hills of Colorado are just as active in this historic drought year of 2018.


KOAA News is reporting that the the blaze is burning in southwest Colorado between Fort Garland and La Veta, west of Walsenburg and La Veta in a rugged, sparsely populated area of the county. It is currently at 0% containment and has burned over 2,000 acres. There is a meeting today at the Fort Garland community center at 1pm. The community center is serving also as a evacuation center.

This new fire comes after the 416 fire just north of Durango. There are smaller fires burning at present throughout the 4 corners region. Numerous Colorado counties have places their residents on alert with many agencies creating their first ever cell phone alerts so residents can receive pre evacuation alerts.  Check with your county.

Some off grid communities are facing the threat of being trapped in their subdivision if the area is well forested, uphill, and reilant on a single road for getting in and out. Various counties are spending millions fighting the fires but also spending money on fuel for planes designated to catching fires early. It is important to realize that if we face a serious economic collapse, resources from the federal government may not be available in the future. The time to prepare is now.

Recent lightning storms caused numerous fires in SW Colorado counties that fortunately were put out. The San Juan national forest recently reopened after a brief ban on camping during historic stage 3 fire restrictions forcing countless seasonal campers to park within the local towns or rent in a motel.  Nearly 1k firefighters were involved in fighting the 416 fire.

The video below indicates that the flat prairie of Costilla county may be a ideal bug out location for Colorado forest fire survival as well as other natural disasters including a foreign military invasion. The live streamed video below was recorded from the prairie section of Blanca, Colorado. This is not a endorsement of the politics featured on that channel.

New readers should use caution if planning on relocating to Costilla county in the light of the land use code crackdown which you can learn about on this website in the archives. Always find out the current issues in a county before relocating and always google the most recent articles or updates.

What advise would you give Colorado residents evacuating wild fires? Let us know in the comments below.

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