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Veteran Kicked Off Land for Tiny Home under 600 Sq. Ft.

Interview with Disabled Veteran who Costilla County Pushed off His Land

Costilla County code enforcement rolled up on Thanksgiving week to this disabled veteran’s property, and and took pictures and then cited him because his cabin was not big enough (over 600 sqft). It didn’t matter that his house was built before the current codes were adopted. Were they actually out for vengeance!?!? These are strange times.

Darrell has a sizable chunk of land down there in Costilla County, but the county was more concerned with their permit codes *permits of which they do not issue by the way*, that you have to get in order to be ‘legal’ on your own land, but wait, you can’t get them because they won’t let you. But you need to have these little permits to stay in your cabin, or you can’t live where you are currently the owner. It’s very confusing, thedailymatrix knows.

Apparently, the county is concerned with how cold it may get, and putting at risk the lives of it’s residents is unacceptable! Be warned that if you put your life in danger in your own property with a proper shelter and heat, that for your safety you might be told to move it along. And also, don’t come back until you set up a McMansion!

The new code enforcers cited Darrell for ‘violating the land use code’ serving him with a pink slipwarning to leave in 10 days or receive a citation for court. However, Darrell’s cabin was built in 1999 and came with the property which lists the cabin on the tax information associated with the land. The county has never had an issue with this ‘grandfathered’ cabin  until Darrell became close friends and allies of several residents targeted by Costilla County.

Listen to the man, Darrell, himself on the video.

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  • Citizen Quasar

    This guy has had over two seasons to prepare his lawsuit and to file it. Until he does, not only will I NOT have anymore sympathy for him, NOTHING will be done that might protect his rights NOR give him his land back.

  • Steve

    Park County attempting the same with me. The government and Vocal Locals have no right to silence the voice of “Sgt. Mike’s Sculptured Gardens Fountains & Fabled Abodes”– even if its resident artist and caretaker “The Flag Man” lives in a hole in the ground or a cloud in the sky. On that I stand. Signed: The Flag Man.

  • Steve

    It’s not a mental or practical challenge everyone can take on. In fact, MOST cannot deal with it. I, fortunately, am able to persevere.