NEW RV POLICY: $200 for 2 Months if you have Septic, Well

Costilla county has updated their long term RV Camping Permit policy.

It appears that they may have run into a legal issue denying permits for RVs and have rewritten their policy over the winter.

Now it appears they are asking a great deal more money to remain on your land while in a RV, both in terms of permit costs and in the costs of installing a septic and well/cistern.

It is also required to allow county employees into the RV to inspect plumbing and electricity.

It also appears that only one RV is allowed per parcel meaning some people would have to remain alone to abide by the new land use codes if their friends also are living in a RV.

From Costilla County’s website:

The Costilla County Planning and Zoning Department will review all applications prior to approval. Long-Term RV Camping Permits are valid for 60 Days and a new application must be filed before the expiration date of the permit. Long-term camping SHALL NOT EXCEED 180 DAYS per RV, Person, or Parcel in any 12 month period. RV’s must be inspected by the Planning and Zoning office to ensure all plumbing and electrical is in working order prior to application approval. Sites will be inspected prior to approval. ONLY ONE (1) RV SHALL BE PERMITTED PER PARCEL. NO STRUCTURES SHALL BE ATTACHED TO RV’S. The following criteria must be met prior to approval of this application: 1. The RV will be hooked to an approved On-Site Wastewater Treatment System. 2. A well has been permitted or cistern installed. 3. There are no violations on the property of any County Code or State Statute or Regulation. 4. The placement of the RV conforms to any covenants of the property. 5. The applicant has proven ownership of the property. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS AN RV TO BE USED AS A PERMANENT DWELLING. NOTE: If applicant is not the owner of the property, then a copy of a contract for sale or lease between applicant and owner or a notarized letter from the owner consenting to this application must be submitted PERMIT EXPIRES 60 DAYS AFTER DATE OF ISSUANCE.

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