No Victory in Sight Yet for Off-Gridders

Response to the Article:

Victory: County Backs Down, Won’t Chase Off-Gridders From Land

Not a Victory Yet for Off-Gridders

For those of you that have been following this story, you know by now that this was a pre-emptive victory cry for a never-ending battle between government regulations and the growing movement of off-grid free living by current men and women in the United States.

 Wham Bam, thank you MAAM, or SIR.


A few of the people that attended the commissioners meeting have already swiftly been told to leave their properties, that they own. And of all times, this was done in the middle of winter. These residents have felt the squeeze of the county as they get slapped with citations and a summons to court or even risk jail time for innocuous things such as “Staying too long on personal property in an RV” or not building a house “fast enough.” Which was no problem before the participation by the SLV residents in giving input to the county about their concerns.

Penny and Neal as discussed in earlier articles, have had to destroy all of their structures as they are caught up in litigation for these very same reasons and because of a neighbor that abhorred their less than bourgeoisie looking housing structures.

Facebook users bully Off-Gridders


Additionally, the San Luis Valley Just Us Facebook group that was initially started to let SLV off-grid citizens share their stories and legal issues, had become inundated with trolls, haters, racists, radical criminals, and expanded from about 100 users to over 680 that had no dog in the fight for off-grid living. The bizarre behavior of some of its users included berating others that was further inflamed by the local media’s negative report on off-gridders being welfare moochers that were poor and dirty. A few local Costilla residents accused off-gridders of being racists. Other local residents simply found it as a venue to vent their innate bored frustrations during work hours. As the trolls moved in under the guise of ‘wanting to understand’, the groups goals were misdirected. And later on re-directed by jokesters wanting to stir up tensions on fake accounts by making accusatory statements and fabricating stories. The drawback of Facebook is that moderation is more difficult on the wall system versus a forum. We must remind ourselves that Facebook is a poor venue for real activism or much of anything else that may include critical thinking. We must also avoid the incredible amount of brand new cases of Munchausen by Internet from those that try to illicit attention by creating their own fantasy world for others to pity, that in some perverse way, makes them feel better about themselves. This is a thing now. Munchausen by proxy syndrome, get out of the way!

Several times, residents asked for free legal help in the group. Although little is known if anyone actually wrote any letters or made a concerted effort to find someone. It is possible that this hindered the goals of the residents interested in off-grid living simply because everyone was waiting for some other guy or gal to do it for them.

Medieval Tactics for the Modern Era

As SLV residents become increasingly caught up in a court system that favors those with money, one can only surmise that debtors prisons have returned. Because that is the final outcome if you can’t pay your costs to the county. You would think the plaintiffs or county/court system would save more money simply buying someone a nice home to put on their property. But no, that would be too human. And much less ego inflating than winning and getting to say “SEE I WAS RIGHT“.